WATCH NOW: How to use the Trading System Trusted by One of Australia’s
Richest Families That Achieved an 84% Success Rate in 2019


Murray Dawes is a professional trader and veteran of the Sydney Futures Exchange where he worked for SBC and Bankers Trust.
Murray Dawes
For more than 20 years, Murray has designed custom trading systems and strategies — based on this ‘metronomic’ idea of price action. He has helped a handful of ultra-wealthy clients — including one of Australia’s richest families, the Smorgons — make money from the markets.

In calendar year 2019, this metronomic trading system had an 84% success rate:

  • 19 TRADES
  • Just three closed losses
  • Remaining 16: Either closed in the money…
  • Or are still in the money at time of recording
Past performance
is not a guide to
future performance

In this video, you’ll discover how this system is designed to find ‘metronomic’ trading ranges…and map the price as it swings between the upper and lower limit of the range.

Watch how the price action seems almost compelled to return to that central point…in the same way a metronome keeps the beat.

This way, price action can appear more predictable. And if it’s predictable…it’s tradeable